Pump Up Patient Volume in This Untapped Market

Jun. 09, 2021


By Mike Milligan, President of Legato Healthcare Marketing

Millennials may not be a marketing priority for rural healthcare leaders vying for volume and revenue – but they should be. Scratch that. There’s no room for “should” in this equation. The time has come for every rural healthcare facility to focus on the healthcare needs of the next generation of patients.

Consider this…

Millennials are now the largest living generation in the U.S. And just like the rest of us – they’re getting older. In 2021, the first of the millennials will be 40; the youngest will be 25 (depending on the source you use). These individuals are no longer kids, tweens or teens. They’re family-centric, tech-savvy, socially-connected, instant-gratification-seeking adults. Many are starting families or already have kids of their own. Some will soon be closing in on “middle age.”

That means rural hospitals need to be prepared to meet millennials’ changing healthcare needs. The occasional urgent care visits will be expanded to include maternity care, and care through multiple, more profitable service lines, like orthopedics and cardiology.

Facts like these bode two critical questions for rural healthcare leaders:

  • Is your organization accounting for changes in the age of your current patient population?
  • Have you developed programming or services targeted at this next generation of patients?

There’s a very strong potential to boost your organization’s revenue through the strategic and creative development of new service lines and programs to specifically serve the needs of the younger generation. Find out how during the June 16th webinar, “How to Attract the Next Generation of Patients,” starting at 2:00 p.m. CST.

Presented in partnership with the National Rural Health Association, we’ll focus on the key behaviors and purchasing decisions of those ages 25-45. I’ll share practical tips and proven recommendations Legato Healthcare Marketing has used with clients to help them grow their next generation of patients.

Specific learning objectives include:

  • Recognizing how the younger generation is transforming healthcare.
  • Gaining an understanding of this generation, their decision-making process, and how they believe their healthcare needs should be met.
  • Reviewing the marketing planning process as a tool to address the wants and needs of this next generation of patients.

To register, please visit the NRHA website by clicking the button below:

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