New Beginnings & Next Generations

Feb. 14, 2022

Don't Miss Eide Bailly's CAH conference


By Mike Milligan, president, Legato Healthcare Marketing

Next month, my family is expecting a new addition to our clan: my daughter Katie is due in March with her first baby, which is Ann’s and my first grandchild.

As we’re eagerly counting down the days, it seemed especially fitting that I’m preparing for Eide Bailly’s upcoming Critical Access Hospital (CAH) Conference in San Antonio, where I’ll be presenting a session on “Attracting the Next Generation of Patients for Your Rural Hospital” on March 3.

Talk about having the next generation on my mind!

Eide Bailly, one of the nation’s top business accounting and consulting firms, has offered its CAH Conference for nearly a decade, and if you haven’t been to it before, you’re missing out. This year’s sessions are thought-provoking about the future: From my own presentation about marketing to the next generation to normalizing telehealth (it’s here to stay!), from cybersecurity to capital planning, it looks as if everyone is focused on the future.

And why not? After the past two years of reacting in the moment to the pandemic’s latest change, we’re all ready to move forward (for more about this, see my recent blog about returning to your strategic and marketing plans).

Having been a strategic partner with Eide Bailly and a regular conference attendee and presenter for years, I’m confident that this year’s symposium will once again be outstanding.

For my own part, here’s a quick rundown of the topics I plan to cover:

  • Recognizing your audience: When we’re talking about engaging with the next generation of healthcare consumers, we can’t just bundle them into a tidy category called Millennials. Instead, we need to focus on meeting this group’s expectations in terms of both information and services: for them, it’s all about convenience and speed.

  • Optimizing your data: Historically, rural healthcare organizations have paid a lot of money for technology – and then haven’t used it to their best advantage. In partnership with Eide Bailly, I’ll focus on how to put your technology to work for you.

  • Evolving your brand: Keeping your brand current means more than fresh design elements – it means upgrading the consumer’s experience. During my presentation, I’ll hone in on some key steps that your healthcare organization can take to interact with this audience – and meet their expectations.

  • Managing your reputation: This next generation knows they have choices – and you want them to choose your organization for their healthcare needs. We’ll talk about what market research can tell you about consumer perception – and your organization’s reputation.

If you’re interested in learning about strategies for engaging this next generation of healthcare consumers – as well as a slew of other timely topics – be sure to register for the conference today!

March is all about looking to the future: The hope for more in-person events than we’ve enjoyed in the last two years, promising connections with the next generation of healthcare consumers, and new family additions.

Is warmer weather in Wisconsin too much to ask for too?

Well, at least there's warm weather in my future come this March. See you in San Antonio!

And don't forget to register for the conference by clicking the button below: 

Eide Bailly CAH Conference Registration