Get an Inside Scoop on How to Boost Patient Volumes - Even in the Wake of COVID-19

Sep. 15, 2020


By Mike Milligan, President of Legato Healthcare Marketing 

COVID-19 has shaken rural healthcare to its core. Increased expenses have cut into razor thin margins and slow-to-recover patient volumes continue to threaten the viability of many hospitals. But the pandemic is only part of the strain on rural healthcare.

Prior to COVID-19, 47% of rural providers operated in the red. And in the past 10 years, the rural hospital crisis claimed more than 125 facilities across the nation.[1]

I’m not sharing these facts to add insult to injury. I’m calling them out to make an emphatic point: As important as it is for rural hospitals to address the details around COVID-19, it’s also critical to refocus on business goals.

Even in the wake of a pandemic? Especially in the wake of this pandemic.

Achieving your business goals related to patient volumes, service line growth and reducing outmigration is just as, if not more important, now than pre-COVID-19. While many healthcare organizations are taking a “duck and cover” approach to the future, many of the rural health CEOs I’ve been working with are getting back to business.
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Find out how these rural hospitals are using targeted strategies to reduce outmigration and increase revenue – significantly. Join me for “Data-Driven Decisions to Boost Patient Volumes,” which I’ll be presenting during the NRHA Fall 2020 Virtual Conference on Thursday, September 24th from 1:00 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. (CST).

This is a “tell-all” session, where I’ll share specific details about:

  • Techniques you can use to develop a data-driven marketing plan to build existing and prospective service lines.
  • How to develop a marketing plan to achieve specific and measurable goals for metrics, including patient volume, number of procedures, diagnostic revenue, and brand awareness and preference.

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