Five Reasons to Avoid Separate Social Media Accounts for Your Organization’s Departments

Jun. 30, 2021


By Amy Yaeger, Vice President of Strategic Services Legato Healthcare Marketing

Has this happened to you?

The head of surgery comes to your office and says she has to have a Facebook page for her department, so patients know all the great things they do. They even have a nurse who is willing to manage it.

Dr. Jones sees you in the hallway and insists he needs to have an Instagram page created for young people to know what he does, and he talked to the CEO about immediately implementing this.

Support Your Case with a Social strategy

When these conversations arise, you want to help and do everything possible. As a marketing professional, you understand the importance of storytelling and highlighting your talented providers and services offered. But you also know that being on too many platforms for one organization is a terrible thing—especially when it comes to having multiple social media accounts on just one platform.

To support your case for having only one social media account for your organization on each platform, make sure to have a solid social media strategy in place that incorporates these five reasons why only one account per platform is the way to go: 

1. Multiple social media accounts are a drain on resources – Many times, duplicate efforts are made to manage each page. Also, each page should be regularly updated with important information, which takes time.

2. Multiple pages can confuse consumers– Each page must be on brand, and if not, this will cause confusion for followers. In addition, multiple pages cause a lack of integrity in the metrics for marketing campaigns if consumers are confused about where to go—making it even more challenging to understand ROI for marketing efforts.

3. An approved social media calendar for the organization creates a unified voice and doesn’t make one department more important than the other. Will the housekeeping staff feel included in a culture that allows patient care departments to start their own Facebook page? The social media calendar provides a clear and concise plan that enables marketers to make the community aware of all of the excellent services offered within your organization and have measurable outcomes of those efforts.

4. Multiple pages can also make your organization seem salesy, spammy, or inconsistent, especially when content does not follow a recommended social plan across the board.

5. Security issues - If someone leaves the organization in charge of the page, someone else needs to be named an admin before leaving not to lose access to the page. The page admin leaving the organization can cause a huge problem since it’s nearly impossible to access a page afterward.

The Basics are important

Remember the basics; you want customers to focus on your overall brand first, and your social media calendar will dictate the focused and timely messaging for your page.  Attracting and maintaining followers on social media can be a challenge, so be sure to post engaging and exciting content to captivate your intended audience with one voice.

Learn how Legato can help develop an effective social media strategy for your organization by visiting our Legato Digital webpage.